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Must-Have Wedding Day Photo-Ops at Villa Lombardi's

Located in Holbrook, NY, Villa Lombardi's offers the stunning setting of a Mediterranean Villa--a setting unlike any other throughout Long Island. The several scenic areas throughout the grounds of Villa Lombardi’s can be used to capture different moments throughout your wedding day. A ceremony in our colorful gardens, a first dance in our enchanting ballroom, or photos captured throughout our grand lobby.

Showcasing the Photographers recommended by Lombardi Caterers, the below list features some of our favorite photo-spots throughout the alluring grounds of Villa Lombardi's.

1. The Mediterranean Villa

Villa Lombardi's Photography

Franklin Square Photographers

Park Ave Studio

With a setting as unique as Villa Lombardi's, recommended photographer Franklin Square Photographers always makes sure to get a stunning portrait of the Bride and Groom in front of the Villa Lombardi's front landscape. By nightfall, the interior lights shine as Park Ave Studio captures Newlyweds outside of their Wedding Day setting. The result is a portrait worthy of being displayed within the Bride and Groom's living room for years to come!

2. Fun with the Bridal Party

Villa Lombardi's

North Island Photography & Films (Above)

Franklin Square Photographers (Above)

Long Island Weddings

ADA Studio (Above)

You will find there is more than enough room for you and your Bridal Party to strike a pose throughout the grounds at Villa Lombardi's. We recommend the patio archway for capturing a large Bridal Party in an exclusive setting.

3. The Ballroom

Suffolk Country Weddings

ADA Studios (Above)

Before the start of your reception is the perfect opportunity to have a Wedding Portrait taken in the Grand Ballroom. All the details of the day that you have spent so much time selecting--centerpieces, chair-covers and other touches will be perfectly in place at this time. A ballroom portrait is a wonderful way to make sure your details will be remembered in your photography!

4. The Bridal Portrait

Daniel S. Krieger Photography and Video Productions Inc.

North Island Photography & Films

A photo of the Bride is an absolute must--the more dress in the photo, the better! Pictured about, Daniel S. Krieger photographs the Bride looking over the marble patio outside of the Villa doors. Below, North Island Photography and Films captured Lombardi Bride Maria from above for a dramatic portrait.

5. In Front of the Villa Lombardi's Fountain

Villa Lombardi's

Franklin Square Photographers

Marco Photography and Videography

A portrait in front of the Villa Lombardi's fountain is a must for all of our couples. As displayed in the above photo by Franklin Square Photographers, a cloudy day can mean a cinematic, dramatic photo for your Wedding Day collection, truly making Villa Lombardi's a venue for all seasons. Seen below, Marco Photography and Videography perfectly takes advantage of a beautiful blue sky.

6. The Night-Time Gazebo Shot

Patken Photography

Marco Photography & Videography

The outside grounds at Villa Lombardi's are always stunning, but the night-time lights provide an enchanting backdrop to your Wedding Day photos. As seen in the above photo from Patken Photographer Inc., the back lights make for a stunning shot for off-season greenery that our Fall and Winter Brides love. Beneath, Marco Photography and Videography perfectly lights the Brides for a dramatic shot.

7. The Grand Lobby

North Island Photography & Films

ADA Studios

Lime stone fireplaces, awe-inspiring windows and a grand-staircase are some of the features at Villa Lombardi's that our recommended photographers love to take advantage of for your Wedding Day portraits.

8. The Details

Franklin Square Photographers

You've selected your menu, picked out your flowers and are about to make a toast! The day may feel like an exciting whirlwind, but your photos exist so you can relive the days moments at any pace. Our photographers know how important your details were for your wedding planning, and will capture those touches for you to reflect on and enjoy for years to come.

9. The Ceremony

Franklin Square Photographers

Marco Photography & Videography

We've save the most important part of your day for last--the Ceremony! Whether indoors inside our exquisite Glass Atrium, or outdoors within our colorful gardens. It is the moment your guests first see you, but more importantly, the moment you will see your partner. It is your photographer's job to capture that moment in time for you to enjoy and look back on for the rest of your life as man and wife!

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On our Vendor Page! Each of Lombardi's recommended vendors are hand-selected to offer our Brides a selection of price points all from reputable industry members, where quality is priority. Meet our Recommended Vendors at our next Bridal Showcase to view samples of their work, and to get a quote!

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