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Little Wedding-Day Touches That Can Make a Big Impact

As every Bride who has ever been on Pinterest knows, it is easy to get caught up in the details! However, what we have witnessed from our Lombardi Brides is that you don't need to buy-out all of Etsy to have a Pinterest-worthy Wedding. There are little touches, done by themselves or together, that can make a big splash on your Wedding day theming and decor.

1. Custom Converse - Lombardi's on the Bay, Markland Photography

We loved the Custom Chuck Taylors seen at Becky and John's Lombardi's on the Bay Wedding. Captured by Markland Photography, these Mr. and Mrs. sneakers perfectly showed the couples' beautiful yet care-free style--and definitely stole the show in quite a few pictures!

2. Keep It Local - Lombardi's on the Sound, Ashe Photography (Top), Lombardi's on the Sound, Amanda-Lee Seely Photography (Bottom)

Both of these Lombardi's on the Sound brides went local for their favors--and in totally different ways! Pictured above, Lombardi Bride Jaimme opted for Long Island Salt Water Taffy, to accompany the nautical feel at Lombardi's on the Sound. Beneath, Lombardi Bride Danielle had a beautiful display of boxed cupcakes from Patchogue's own Smallcakes Cupcakery. The result? A favor that Wedding Guests will remember!

3. Ribbon Wedding Cake - Villa Lombardi's (Left), Lombardi's on the Bay, Daniel S. Krieger Photography (Right)

For the custom cakes included in the Lombardi Wedding Packages, the Ribbon Wedding Cake is a favorite among many brides. The Ribbon Wedding Cakes offer a way to work in your Wedding Day colors, theme or even some bling if you select a ribbon with some pop! Prepared by Rolling Pin Bakery, the Ribbon Wedding Cakes are a great way to add a special touch for just the cost of ribbon!

4. Signature Drinks - Lombardi's Love Lane Market, Off-Premise Wedding Catering

A signature drink is a perfect way to show-off you and your partner's taste while taking advantage of the liquor package purchased or included in your Wedding Package. Add a sign on each bar, and you're set with a special touch that you and your guests will enjoy the entire evening.

5. Custom Menus - Lombardi's on the Bay, Twelfth Night Photography

For many Lombardi Couples, one of their most trusted reasons for booking is the quality of food Lombardi's is known for, especially at our Weddings. For this reason, Brides often select adding custom menus to their packages. Offered in silver or gold, this is a great option to have a custom monogram wedding made for you, without having to worry about the description, spelling and printing on your own! But who enjoys this the most? Your guests! Who doesn't love to see what delicious options await them?

6. Bring a Friend - Lombardi's on the Bay, Joe San Photo

There are few things more special than having your fur-baby attend your Wedding Nuptials! While we can only offer this for outdoor ceremonies, it will be a photo-op that you will treasure--whether done at home, or at the outdoor ceremony itself.

7. Programs with a Purpose - Lombardi's on the Sound, North Island Photography​

For Lauren and Ryan's August Wedding at Lombardi's on the Sound, the Bride opted for programs that would also keep her guests cool during the outdoor ceremony! These card-stock programs had a handle beneath, so the guests were able to hold on to them to use as a fan as needed!

8. Go with Garnishes - Lombardi's Love Lane Market, Off-Premise Wedding Catering

One of Lauren Lombardi's of Lombardi's Love Lane Market's favorite tips for making her Wedding Day platters stand out is adding a little garnish. As you can see above, a little garnish can go a long way! Whether utilizing for your Wedding Day or for your own personal presentations, we guarantee this method can help your event stand out!

We are confident that no matter what you decide, your Wedding Day will stand out! For additional tips, tricks and suggestions, we recommend attending one of our Bridal Showcases! At the Bridal Showcase, the vendors will have their best ideas on display--perfect for taking notes! See when our next Bridal Showcase is on our Showcase Tab!

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