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Must-Have Wedding Party Photos

One of the best part's about your Wedding Day will be getting to relive it once the photos come in! At Lombardi Caterers, we love to see how our recommended photographers are consistently coming up with fresh, new and clever ways to capture a couple with their Wedding Party--whether they be big or small! Below find some of our must-have shots seen throughout our venues.

1. Take a Stroll - Villa Lombardi's, North Island Photography and Films

We love the candid-feel captured by North Island Photography in this shot at Villa Lombardi's. Not only will it show off the landscape of the grounds of your venue, but the care-free attitude makes for a beautiful moment.

2. Swap Sides - Lombardi's on the Bay, North Island Photography and Films

Overlooking the Great South Bay at Lombardi's on the Bay is a perfect spot for Bridal Party portraits. North Island Photography and Film kept it fun by getting the Groom with the Bridesmaids, and the Bride having a toast with the Groomsmen! We love this idea, as it celebrates the union between not only you and your partner--but with the closest people in their lives too!

3. Tug-of-War - Lombardi's on the Sound, Marco Photography and Video

When at a location as majestic as Lombardi's on the Sound, you can forget to take a moment to be silly--however, house photography Marco Photography always makes sure the Wedding Party takes a few photos for laughs! Bride and Groom Kelly and Matt perfectly pulled off this tug of war-style shot with their Bridal Party.

4. Swap Props - Villa Lombardi's, Park Ave Studio

After your Bridal Party has done a photo swapping sides (seen above), try a shot were they swap props! Groomsmen can pose with a bouquet while the bridesmaids try on a suit jacket for size!

5. Super Hero Style - Lombardi's on the Bay, Markland Photography

Show your nerdy (okay, we'll call it Super!) side with this Super-Man style photo! Let your groomsmen each pic their Superhero of choice under their tuxedo top for this big reveal photo.

6. Get Pose-y/Play It Up! - Villa Lombard's, ADA Studio

So maybe it's the purple dresses that make this photo pop more than the pose--we're not sure! But we love this shot of a caught-in-the-act Groom cozying up with his Bridal Party!

7. Keep It Casual - Lombardi's on the Bay, North Island Photography and Film

This Wedding Party portrait looks more like a candid moment between loved ones--and the finished look is absolutely beautiful. Taken on the balcony off the Bridal Suite at Lombardi's on the Bay, this photo proves that not every pose has to be planned--take a breather and let the moments flow!

8. But Don't Be Afraid to Get Serious - Lombardi's on the Sound, North Island Photography

These girls at Lombardi's on the Sound weren't afraid to throw on their shades and get serious. Because who doesn't want to channel their inner-Terminator once in awhile?

09. Don't Forget Your View! - Lombardi's on the Sound, Ashe Photography Studio

10. Celebrating! - Villa Lombardi's, Dejavu Studios

Most importantly on your Wedding Day, don't forget to take a moment with the Bridal Party to celebrate! While the adorable Ring Bearer might be a little more hesitant to throw his arms up in this photo, the Wedding Party rocked this moment of triumph under the Villa Lombardi's arches.

To Sum It Up...

Whether celebrating at Villa Lombardi's, Lombardi's on the Bay or Lombardi's on the Sound, there are endless opportunities to stand out with your Wedding Party. If you haven't met with our House Photographers yet, we recommend visiting our next Bridal Showcase, where you can see their work on display and get an introduction!

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