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The Inside Scoop: Why a Bridal Showcase?

Twice a year Lombardi Caterers puts together our famous Wedding Cocktail Hour and opens it to the public at our Bridal Showcase. While different venues may have different offerings, it is clear that the Bridal Showcase is a trend industry-wide--and for Lombardi Caterers, it is a trend we take very seriously. As a Bride, Groom or a couple who is still shopping, so many showcase events may seem overwhelming. Here is our insider-scoop on why attending a Bridal Showcase with Lombardi's is so important to your Wedding Planning!

We Want You to Experience What Your Guests Will!

Lombardi Caterers doesn't just offer a sampling of food at our showcase--we present a full Cocktail Hour of at least 9 stations. This gives Brides and Grooms a complete Cocktail Hour experience from their Guest's point-of-view. Just make sure you save room for dessert!

The Vendors Want To Be There For Your Wedding Day

Lombardi Caterers' house vendors are carefully selected based on reputation as well as their proven track record of excellence at our venues. Our house vendors want to make your Wedding Day as great as it can be--that's why we feature them on our list. A house vendor will know the best layout, timelines, etc. for your Wedding Day. Showcases give the vendors an opportunity to meet you in person and make you the best offer they can. Keep a lookout for promotional packages for the Showcase, or for giveaways from the vendors in attendance. And as always, you can view a complete list of our vendors on this blog at anytime! Just select the Vendor Tab!

Finalize Those Tough Decisions

The Bridal Showcase is a perfect opportunity to witness an event in action. The lights are dimmed, the DJ is playing and the food is out! This is a great chance to view the different linens, sample a cake flavor or decide between an additional cocktail station. There is no better opportunity for these decisions than when you get to see them before you in the Ballroom at our Bridal Showcase!

See Samples in Action

If you are a visual bride, then you might enjoy seeing things in-person before making a decision. At the Lombardi Caterers' Bridal Showcase, the florists will arrange our Ballroom with centerpieces. If you see one you like, stop by that Florists vendor table to get a quote! Additionally, our Limo and Transportation services will have limousines and buses present for your inspection. Photographers come with sample albums from Lombardi Weddings, so you can get an authentic representation of what your Wedding Day photography may look like. Also, our Paperie and Invitation vendor, Jessica Leigh Paperie, attends with a collection of sample invitations to help you make your decision on Invitations, Thank You Cards and Save the Dates!

Get the Group Together

Many Lombardi Couples use this as an opportunity to get their parents together and to show them the venue where they will be getting married--if they haven't already! Additionally, guests have also brought bridesmaids, sisters and more to make it a fun night out for everyone! The Lombardi Caterers' showcases are open to the public, and not exclusive to Brides and Grooms!

Not a Booked Bride? Make a Decision at the Showcase!

When you're at a Bridal Showcase, you are at an event--meaning it is a perfect opportunity to see how the venue hosts an event. We recommend making note of the quality of service received, from the food to the wait-staff. Once you see that the event is up to your expectation (and beyond!), this is a great time to book on the spot at the Showcase to secure your date!

A Bridal Showcase is a fun night to celebrate your engagement--whether you have booked your venue, or at still looking to make a decision! To sign up for our next Bridal Showcase, visit our website! We can't wait to see you there!

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