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Joanna + Christopher at Villa Lombardi's

When the Wedding Day is complete and the honeymoon has been taken, many Brides worry that there is nothing left to look forward to after all of their planning! However, after weeks of reviewing, editing and going through your film, Brides and Grooms can enjoy reliving their wedding day weeks, months and even years after.

About a season after your wedding, Lombardi's will receive images from photographers to share scenic shots, romantic moments and beautiful stills of the event. This allows all parties involved to see the event from the outside looking in, and to enjoy all of the details that may have been missed.

The photos from Joanna and Christopher's wedding at Villa Lombardi's have us enjoying last year's wedding this year! Because let's be honest--wedding day photos never get old, do they? We hope you enjoy this gallery provided by Glenmar Studios below!

Vendor Roll

Venue: Villa Lombardi's

Photography: Glenmar Studio

DJ: Power Station

Florist: Flowers by Burton

Bakery: The Rolling Pin Bakery

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